Chi uscì con Paul Reynaud?

Hélène de Portes ha datato Paul Reynaud dal ? al ?

Paul Reynaud

Paul Reynaud

Paul Reynaud (Barcelonnette, 15 ottobre 1878 – Neuilly-sur-Seine, 21 settembre 1966) è stato un politico francese, Presidente del Consiglio di Francia dal 21 marzo al 16 giugno 1940.

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Hélène de Portes

Description in Italian not found. We only have a description in English:

Hélène de Portes (24 February 1902 - 28 June 1940) was a countess of France. She is remembered for the influence she exerted on her partner, Paul Reynaud, premier of France under the Third Republic at the time of its defeat in June 1940 at the hands of Nazi Germany. A Fascist sympathizer, she was described as "a middle aged woman, with a shrill voice, and a clamorous, demanding manner, who chatted like a magpie and lost her temper with ease." Charles de Gaulle called her "a turkey", while Winston Churchill nicknamed her "the parrot".